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County Harvest Festival

Bradfield YFC invited the County to join them and the congregation of St. Peters, Bradfield at their Harvest Festival service at the end of September. Capping off what had been a hectic week for Berkshire YFC from R.C.B.S. and NFYFC members week, the Black Barns at Rushall Manor Farm provided a fittingly rustic venue. Beautiful weather and scenery to match meant it was an apt venue to reflect on the harvest season.

Although joining an existing congregation with their service, members young and old from Shefford, Newbury and Bradfield clubs played their part in the proceedings. The Club banners were presented at the beginning of the service and produce was donated to the parish collection which was destined for Reading Food Bank.

With thanks to Bradfield Vice President John Bishop, eight members donning the County white coats also brought the harvest to life (and show cased their public speaking skills) as they presented soil, seeds, wheat, bread, fresh garden produce, meat, fish and an empty bowl to the amassed congregation. Each presentation was accompanied with an explanation from the member of the symbolism and significance. The significance of the empty bowl was a poignant remembrance of those whose crops have failed and who have nothing with which to feed their families.

Well done to all the members who contributed to the service, but with particular mention to Bradley (Newbury) and Summer (Bradfield), the youngest members to take part on behalf of Berkshire YFC.

A collection was made for the Tear Fund who had given a short presentation about their work, urging us all to remember that even the little things that we can do contribute to a better way of life for all of us. The Tear Funds current project is providing support for Syrian Refugees. We are grateful to John Bishop, Steve Waters and St. Peters Church as well as being thankful to live in such a beautiful and fruitful countryside.

Gordon Fletcher

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