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The Royal County Berkshire Show

So having set up the stand the night before we were all ready bright and early on the Saturday morning. In the marquees we had the county boards, the club boards and the country spotters. Outside we had a mini digger and a course set up that members of the public could try. We also had a wheelbarrow raffle.

Members of the public could buy a raffle ticket. If they were drawn out at the end of the day then they won the wheelbarrow and its contents with all the money raised going to two local charities.

The Saturday was really busy and saw lots of interest in our stand. Potential new members had a look around the club boards and asked information about nearest clubs. The digger was also very popular with all ages and the raffle drew in lots of people. At one point we even had to go and get more sheets photocopied.

Swings & Smiles
The Sunday was yet again a busy day with member’s stock judging on the stand. Although not as many members took part this year it was still a good morning for those that did. We even had some new members from Windsor and Maidenhead who came along to observe how the stock judging takes place. The sheep stock judging took place on the stand whilst the beef was down in the new cattle shed. Again we also had lots of interest in the digger and the wheelbarrows. Finally as Sunday was drawing to a close we pulled two winners from the wheelbarrow raffle and they collected their prize. We added up all the money raised and to our surprise we had raised £508! This meant that we could give £254 to our president, Lydia’s, charity which was Swings and Smiles and we could also give £254 to the Show Presidents charity, which was the Newbury Hospital League of Friends.

Thank you to all the members who came along and helped out on the stand to promote Berkshire YFC and to members who breed board carried or stock judged. The show really is all about the clubs working together to make sure we have a successful weekend.

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