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AGM, Blackpool 2016

This year’s annual Convention was held in Blackpool on 6-9th May. On the Friday morning Katherine picked up a mini bus and met eleven others at Henwick Farm to load up.

Georgie and six other members were meeting us up there separately. After several wee stops later and horrific traffic, (seven hours later!) we arrived in Blackpool! We went to get our wristbands and then had dinner in the hotel.

The first night is the black tie event and everyone scrubbed up really well. We headed to Walkabout before going on to the Winter Gardens where DJ Dev Griffin from Radio One was DJing. We all met up together as a group and it was really nice to see everyone.

On the Saturday everybody woke up and enjoyed a buffet breakfast in the hotel before heading into town. Another two members had decided to come up from Berkshire so it was great to see them there. It was very busy in the clubs and everybody was in the party spirit. We spent a long time in Walkabout before a few headed off to the beach as it was a beautiful sunny day. Once back at the hotel everybody starting getting ready for the fancy dress night. This year’s theme was “Sports Day” so Berkshire had decided to dress as basketball payers and cheerleaders. The girls from Bradfield had decided to go a “Cool Runnings” and looked great in morph suits and wigs. In the Winter Gardens Scott Mills and Chris Stark did an amazing DJ set and the whole place really was partying hard.

Cool Runnings

On the Sunday morning it was time for the NFYFC AGM which is the main reason for the weekend. Katherine,

Carrie and Alethea went along to represent Berkshire YFC. Key decisions were voted on and it was agreed that the National Levy would rise by 3% this year. There was some extremely good key speeches and really nice to get a roundup of the YFC year. It was also good to meet people who are in charge of YFC and talk about the future. Once this was over it was back into town to meet the others. Whilst at the meeting several others had decided to take a trip up Blackpool Tower as the weather was so nice.

The Sunday evening is always tour top night and this is always popular. This year Greg James was DJing which was amazing because National have been trying to get him to come to the AGM for years. He did not disappoint and the crowds were going wild. As usual you have to try and swap your tour tops for another counties with a funny slogan.

All too soon it was time to get on the mini bus on Monday morning for the journey back to Blackpool. This journey was a lot quieter than the way up and a lot shorter! It was another great year and we are all looking forward to Torquay next year!

Katherine Bunn – AGM Booking Officer

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