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Lord Sieff Fund

The Lord Sieff Fund was set up in 1968 to be available for grants and loans for individual members, Clubs or the County Federation for specific projects of an educational or personal development nature.

During this year we supported only one application, from Josh Mason for his trip, along with the prize money for the Jesse Matthews Competition. We could have supported more however!

There are many YFC organised travel opportunities and training courses you could take advantage of; we would be happy to consider an application for support from the Fund. The form can be obtained from the County Office and once completed, needs to be submitted to the Executive Meeting for approval to then be sent on to the Trustees to discuss and hopefully make a financial award. Where awards are given for trips/projects, all we ask is that you would be prepared to talk to Clubs and write a report for the Trustees about your experiences.

As always, we would like to support more members this coming year and look forward to receiving your applications! Please remember that they have to be submitted prior to your project/trip/training course in order to be considered. If you have any questions regarding the Lord Sieff Fund, please contact any of the Trustees – Derek Potter, Andrew Kimber, Mary Fallon or myself.

Alethea Snelling- Lord Sieff Fund Trustee

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