Berkshire Young Farmers' Club

You don't have to be a farmer….. to belong to a Young Farmers' Club

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Shefford YFC Club Contacts

President: Mr R Osgood  
Vice Presidents:

Mr D Gardiner, Mr T Pearce, Mr A Cooper, Mr D Carlise, Mrs S Cowan, Mrs E Bracey, Mr D Brown, Mr N Arkell, Mr J Gent, Mrs C Killen, Mr R Bracey, Mr S McGregor, Mrs C Pallett, Mrs D Whidborne, Mrs C Osgood, Mrs L Bowden, Mrs A Smith, Mrs A Bunn, Miss L Hayward, Mrs C West, Mrs E Tuggey & Mrs J Norman


Mrs E Bracey, Mrs H Cantlay, Miss L Hayward, Mr S Ackrill, Mrs C West, Mrs A Smith, Mrs E Tuggey, Miss S Bracey, Mr H Graham, Mr I Wilson, Mrs F Wilson, Mr I Jermey

Chairman Miss E Wilson
Treasurer Heather Cantlay
Club Leaders The Shefford Advisory
H & S Officer Lisa Hayward
Child Protection Anne Smith
Executive Representatives: Milly West, Heather Cantlay & Lisa Hayward  
Meeting Place: Brightwalton Village Hall, Brightwalton. Every other Wednesday at 7.30pm – 9.00pm  
National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
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