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We have all had an amazing past couple of months with some really good face to face meetings.

We have been meeting with juniors and seniors separately due to Covid guidelines. Our first face to face meeting back was with the juniors and we had a pizza making night at BCA. It was fantastic that the juniors could meet inside as it gave us a lot more opportunity to meet especially with the weather still being a tad cold and rainy.

The week after we then had our first senior meeting. Unfortunately, we had to meet outside due to the Covid restrictions for over 18’s. However, everyone seemed to have a great time at the bushcraft night and it was lovely to all be back together again. Even though we had a little bit of rain.

We’ve been running all meetings on alternate fortnights. The other junior meetings we have had are human horse course, this is where we used the indoor arena at BCA and set out the jumps and had competitions in who could do it the quickest or the highest. We also had some giant space hoppers to play on, courtesy of club secretary, Charlotte Costard.

Another one was at Smewins farm in Shurlock Row, this was to watch a stick and ball match ready for in 3 weeks’ time, where the over 13’s that were experienced riders got to have a lesson in polo. At the polo lesson meeting, we met with seniors and juniors, however we had to limit our number to 30 as the rules hadn’t yet changed and we had over 18’s attending. Luckily no one who was able to have a polo lesson missed out and there was also a very scrumptious BBQ afterwards thanks to, Kim and Carlitos at White Waltham Polo Club.

In Between the stick and ball match and the polo lessons we had an air ambulance talk by Matthew Campling. It was brilliant and we were surprised on how informative and interesting it was for the juniors. We found out it was a very fitting meeting as we have a junior who wants to become a paramedic.

We were meant to have a capture the flag night after the polo lessons but unfortunately it got cancelled as everyone was very busy working and we wouldn’t have had enough members for two teams. However, we have got a night planned for all of us if restrictions lift as an end of year BBQ and open water swimming.

Our senior meets have included some sports nights like football and rounders. Even though it rained on our football night everyone stuck around and had a great time. We even ran over time we were having so much fun.

We were meant to have a BBQ and camp out at Angus Edgley’s farm however lots of us became busy with work due to the change in weather and unfortunately not many went.

We are hoping we can all meet together for our last meeting of this Young Farmer year and are also looking forward to us holding our first ever rally.

Ellie Smith (Windsor & Maidenhead Club Leader)

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