Berkshire Young Farmers' Club

You don't have to be a farmer….. to belong to a Young Farmers' Club

Why you should join us

There are many reasons why you will enjoy being a member of Young Farmers. You will make new friends, learn new skills and have endless fun. You can exchange ideas and information and debate important issues with your friends. If you wish, you can also take part in the running of the club and help organise the programme of events. Involvement with your own club can provide opportunities to progress to county, regional, national and international level including exchange visits in the U.K. and abroad, cultural visits and even working abroad.

Why not become a member of Berkshire Young Farmers’ Clubs today? You can even choose which club you would like to join.

Just email us with your details (name, address, email) and we will send you a new member’s information pack which will include a copy of our monthly newsletter, a programme of events and a list of club contact details.

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