Why join us?

Joining your local Young Farmers’ Club will open up a whole world of new opportunities, including:

meeting new people, learning and developing new skills, discovering your hidden talents, exploring your local area and further afield, playing new sports, taking part in cultural visits and performances, exchanging ideas, debating important issues and – most importantly for many of our members – making lifelong friends.

“Learn new skills, discover hidden talents, make lifelong friends”

If you wanted to, you could also take part in the running of the club; involvement with your own club gives you the opportunity to take some responsibility and learn how to devise and run a programme of events/activities and to run a youth charity. It can also provide opportunities to progress to roles within the County, South East Area and National Committees. Excellent training courses are offered by the NFYFC to complement any role you take on and support is always available through your Club’s Committee and the County Office.

Exchange visits are often offered in the UK and abroad, with opportunities and support to help you work abroad if you were interested.

Want to join a YFC or find out more?

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