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Berkshire Country Fayre

Another country fayre with another small and dedicated committee and I am pleased to be able to tell you, another great success. It will be no surprise to any of you that three of the keys to that success are Location, Location, Location!

And wow what a location it was. Englefield has always been a successful place for the Berkshire Country Fayre, this year we were lucky enough to have the house as the backdrop. I would like to thank Englefield Estate for their support.

We were again full in the craft marquee and although slightly down on trade bookings we managed to fill the space well. Once again this year we welcomed new traders and attractions as well as seeing some reliable faces.

Many visitors have commented positively about the entertainment they received from the members competing in the main ring. Well done and thank you to all who were involved in their success. Filling the main ring with entertaining members works well in promoting Young Farmers as well as helping us to save money.

Every year we are of course reliant on good weather which in turn brings in the public. I am pleased to report that we saw just one sun and thousands of people.

Year on year you would think it would get easier but in reality each year throws different hurdles at us. This years main hurdle was my time which had many things pulling on it and it goes without saying that more than every I was reliant on Lydia to do the lions share of the work. I am very grateful to her for that, we are very lucky to have her support, Thank You Lydia.

Whist I won’t be naming everyone individually I would also like to thank the rest of the Country Fayre committee and those who helped out on the day. It really wouldn’t be possible to run the country fayre without your support and it is thanks to you all that the country fayre committee is able to present the County with £23,000!

If anyone here would like to be part of the country fayre please do contact either myself or Lydia. There are many roles big and small that we need your help with. I look forward to seeing you all at next years country fayre which will take place at Englefield Estate on 28th May.

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